Should I Obtain a Loan for a Used Motorcycle?

It may make financial sense to finance a used motorcycle if you want to feel the rush of the open road but do not want to spend the money on a brand-new vehicle. Before you go shopping, you should first establish how much you want to spend and create a budget. Additionally, you must determine whether you want to purchase a bike with cash or if a used motorbike loan is required.

Avoid taking out a loan without first conducting due diligence. Compare several motorcycles and credit possibilities first. Before you get loan on your used motorcycle (จัดไฟแนนซ์มอไซค์มือสอง, this is the term in Thai), make sure to know a few things.

Where can I find a used motorcycle to buy?

Comparing prices can help you find the greatest deal, regardless of whether you know exactly what kind of motorcycle you want or you have your heart set on a particular model. These are some shopping locations:


It is natural to lean toward motorcycle dealers when you first start looking for one. With these, you might be able to peruse a range of used bikes. Occasionally, you can even conduct an online search while lounging on your couch.

You may even arrange test drives through the websites of some dealerships. Without the pressure and time commitment of communicating with a salesman, you can compare a large number of bikes and pricing by searching online inventories. Even while you might be able to apply online to find out if you prequalify for a loan, you will not be certain of approval or particular loan conditions until you submit a formal application.

Purchasing a bike from a dealership could result in a better-quality bike than one you could get elsewhere. Dealerships have to worry about their reputations, unlike private vendors. As a result, businesses might be more inclined to purchase and sell well-kept motorcycles and make honest statements regarding the origins and state of the vehicles.

Individual vendors

You can also try to purchase from an individual or private party if you do not want to go through the dealer. Private sellers may be more eager to explain the finer elements of operation to you because they are more likely to have firsthand knowledge of the motorcycles’ past. Naturally, you should not expect that a seller will divulge all information to you. Before making your purchase, you should obtain a car history report.

To find out if the motorcycle has been reported stolen or has any other problems, such as an outstanding recall, look up its vehicle identification number. The VIN is typically located on the bike’s frame by the cylinders or engine block, close to the handlebars. A lot of individual sellers market their motorcycles online, just like dealerships do. There are quite a few well-known online marketplaces for individual sellers. Do the following things while considering a purchase from individual sellers:

Check if you have insurance.

Verify the seller’s title and registration are up to date.

Examine the service documentation.

Obtain a handbook for the vehicle.

Request any extra components or keys.

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